The Usage of Timbuktu in Comics

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When and why was Timbuktu mentioned in comics (as an exotic place, far away from civilization)? I have found it three times: in Lustiges Taschenbuch Nr. 31 „Unverhofft kommt oft“ (von 1974), where Donald Duck puts a sign at the door „Departed to Timbuktu“ (Uncle Scrooge's comment „Such a silly trick is typical for Donald“). Then in „Die tollsten Geschichten von Donald Duck“, issue 34 (of 1973), where it says in „Der Intelligenztest“ in the end: „one week later in far Timbuktu“. And then also in Hergé's „Tintin“, „the Treasure of Rackham the Red“ (issue 12 of 1971), where it says: „Look, captain, the meridian, with which you have calculated the degrees of longitude, is of course the meridian of Greenwich“ „Naturally, it is not the one of Timbuktu“. Current examples, you see on the images below: in Mickymaus No. 25 of June 15th, 2000, Donald has to draw the middle line Entenhausen-Timbuktu, in Mickymaus No. 11 of March, 8th 2001, Donald even talks with a resident of Timbuktu, where he fled to. In Mickymaus No. 36 of September, 1st 1984, the Ducks and the inventor Düsentrieb (I don't know his English name) also fled to Timbuktu (image below).Who knows further examples or s. th. about „Timbuktu“ in (German?) Comics?

Here, in the Barks Base I (German) and in the Barks Base II (German), you find further examples about the usage of Timbuktu in Comics, only search with your browser the word "Timbuktu". An interesting article about Timbuktu and its myth, was published by the WDR (German) (Westdeutscher Rundfunk). Even more about the Timbuktu-Myth is here (German).

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