Speleology is carried out by intersted amateur scientists, cause it's no independent branch of science.

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From left to right:

On the left pcture one can see, that a speleologist should be kind of athletic, if it is e. g. up to getting through narrow holes like this here. The picture in the middle shows the devlopment of a doline (that's a funnel-shaped crater in the karst rocks). The left image shows us the development of stalactites (ceiling "dripping stones") and stalagmites (ground "dripping stones"), and their fusion to a column.


Speleo 79kb Speleo 40kb Speleo 26kb

From left to right:

On the left we see the inner part of the "Mordloch" (= murder hole) near Geislingen/Wuerttemberg, a cave with water streams inside; in the middle and right we see beautiful examples for the stalactite scape in caves.

More about the Mordloch you can find under allmendinger.de and the general cave page.


Speleo 24kb

Here one can see by means of the people in this american cave the dimensions of some halls.


Speleo 30kb Speleo 20kb

On the left an impression from the Hermannshöhle in Rübeland in Harz mountain. On the right we see the sinter basin in Pamukkale/Turkey, an overground karst phenomenon.

More about the topic speleology (cave research) you can find under karst.net, the page of a friend.