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About me

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Hello, my name is Hartmut Blessing and I live in Schornbach near Schorndorf . I'm member of Mensa and Intertel (clubs for high-gifted people). I'm also member of the SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany). My professions are postman, Chemical-Technical-Assistant and Industrial Merchant. My birthday is on October 27th, so I'm a Scorpio of the first decade:

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The scorpio of the first decade is a good observer with very much sense of the arts. He doesn't like big crowds, but likes leisure in the circle of relatives and friends. But he also needs from time to time joyful lonelyness. He likes to read, above all entertaining stuff and secret things. Sometimes he misses the necessary tact in contact with his fellow-men. Mostly however, he radiates to charming people a affectionate sympathy.

(Taken from: Das persönliche Geburtstagsbuch, 27.10., not available anymore)

Skorpion 34kb

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Archives and Collections

I have a puzzle-collection (125 pieces), an art postcard collction (94 pieces.), a feather collection (160 p.), a seashell/snail shell collection (700 p.), a mineral collection (60 p.), a fossille collection (20 p.) etc. Moreover, about 1700 books, 600 magazines, 200 Comics, 175 CDs, 160 records, 60 DVDs and 140 video cassettes.
Yet in building is a small whipping top collcetion

Kreisel 19kbKreisel 12kb

Furthermore, I have arts-archive, a histroy-archive, an animal-image-archive, a paleontologiy-archive, a intelligence-brain research-psychology-archive, a geology-archive, a natural-sciences-archive, a writer-archive, a copmposer-archive and a language-archive. Additionally, some self-made things, namely pictures, things of clay, wood or paper.

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My Surfing Tips

Here some links to pages in the web, that I liked very much. I am not responsible for the content of this pages. I'm also not responsible, if the pages are not available at present

Search Engines

Google is the fastes search engine, that I know. Here you also can see a short extract, where the choosen words appear on the found pages. Metager has the advantage, that it searches in several search engines at the same time, however, only in German. Of the "classical" engine, I can recommend above all Lycos. You have found a page with ".de" and want to know, who is behind it? No problem with Denic. And at Ripe Net you can see, what pages each person has in the web. An engine for personality tests, e. g. intelligence tests, is under


Under Black-and-White Duo you find the band of a firend, that you can rent (e. g. for marriages etc.) and their repertoire. Visit also the biblical community Everything, you are looking for in the Bible, you find on this page .

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