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On the left image one can see me as baby. The second picture was taken short time before school start in September 1978 with "Schultüte" (= school beginners bag?). The third image also with "Schultüte" after successful Abitur (= matriculation) 1991. Look, that I hold the "Schultüte" the other way, so that I suppose, that I was formerly left-handed.

Katze 13kb

A former left-handed attitude would also be confirmed by this photo of April 1982, cause the Schwippschwapp-tin I have here in my left hand.

Like one can also see on this image, I had displaced teeth ("hare teeth"), so that I later got a brace.

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The left picture was taken on 18.11.80, short time before I got glasses because of strong short-sightedness. One can also see my "hare teeth". The next image shows me with 1991 as soldier of the air force. Compared to this, next to it an image of holidays in Switzerland 1999.

Katze 3kb Katze 3kb Katze 3kb

This picture left shows me 1989 in a cave, taken by a friend, who pursues speleology. In those days, I got through narrow holes like the one, the picture in the middle shows. On the right photo, you can see me with another friend in the "Mordloch" (= murder hole) near Geislingen/Wuerttemberg.

Here a link to my page about speleology

My Speleology-Page

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These are different self-portraits, taken with a passport photo automaton. The left picture shows me 1994 with beard, the picture next to this 1996, then follows an up-todate photo.

Then a picture of a trip to the traffic museum at Sinsheim and, next to this, a sketch, a self-portrait, drawn by me in 1992:

ich 40kb ich 40kb

Here a picture from 2003:

ich 40kb

At my last job (2005)

ich 40kb

An up-to-date photo (application photo):

ich 40kb

These images documten the success of changing my nutrition behaviour: the photo in the left was taken in summer 2005, on the right in summer 2007, 15 kilogramms lighter

ich 35kb

On the left, an image of autumn 2005, on the right of summer 2007:

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